The STAMENS (Sanitary Towels and Menstruation) is one of the projects falling under the umbrella of the MARGARET MERCY MINISTRIES, a registered society in Kenya.  Research has shown that many adolescent African girls are unable to attend their schools for up to four days every month because they cannot afford the suitable sanitary protection during their menstrual periods. As a result, many girls lose up to 13% of their school year!

MARGARET MERCY MINISTRIES is currently operating the project in two schools in the rural area of Bondo, Siaya County, Kenya in an effort to ensure that adolescent girls remain in school during their menses. MMM intends to work with other organizations, and individuals who share in our vision to see to it that the project is a success with the outcome being that no more girls will stay out of school. This measure will improve the girls’ academic performance, increase their self-esteem and motivate them to have a positive outlook to life.



  • The STAMENS project will source for and distribute the Sanitary towels to school going girls in puberty with special focus being in the rural areas and those living in deplorable states.
  • The STAMENS project seeks to avert in totality absenteeism from school by girls due to menses.
  • The STAMENS project will have awareness programmes and mobilise for resources from the friends of MARGARET MERCY MINISTRIES and from those who desire to support the project – “Umoja ni Nguvu” (Unity is Strength).
  • The STAMEN project staff work hand in hand with all parties concerned; Government officials, Principals and Head teachers of the schools as well as the community for the sake of transparency and accountability and to make sure that all girls receive the Sanitary towels in good time and that records are well kept and are up-to-date.

Father Francis Gardom, United Kingdom Major partner Stamens project.

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STAMENS-Sanitary Towels